FAU series The FAU series comprises compact cleaning machines which can be used for intensive and thorough wet cleaning of glass and plastic containers. This series has a broad range of applications extending from vials, bottles and ampoules to similar types of container, including non-stable containers. The containers are conveyed through the working area very […]
DHT series The sterilizing tunnels of the DHT series dry, sterilize and depyrogenize glass containers using a low-turbulence vertical air flow. The sterilizing-grade filters or integrated high-efficiency particulate air filters (HEPA filters) do not require any sealing on the air discharge side. Special hot gas filters in the sterilization zone produce a cleanroom class A […]
Variosys A solution with full flexibility and upgradeable suitable for low output clinical trials to medium production outputs up to 6,000/hr. RTU components or standard components, lyophilised or liquid, high containment with many module options. This system has been extremely successful over the recent years and the reference list is growing. FVC 50606 The machine […]
Litek Pharma isolators cover a wide range of containment applications whose mission is to create a safe environment for operators. Operator safety is crucial due to the toxic nature of the products handled inside.  These isolators make it possible to handle high-potent or highly active products (HAPI), with absolute guarantee for the safety of the […]
Inspection of all pharmaceutical products is critical for the product release and acceptance by the regulators, company quality systems and of course ultimately the customers. We have a variety of techniques to find faults and quality defects both physical, cosmetic and product related for vials, syringes, cartridges, blow fill seal, ampoules, aerosols, bottles, bags, packages […]
ESF series The labelling machines of the ESF series apply self-adhesive labels off the roll to bottles, vials and other non-stable containers. These continuous-motion machines offer a wide range of equipment options and space to add check stations to the transport system. The label dispenser has a modular design and can be equipped with both […]
For stopper loading, the process vessel is docked at a cleanroom-lift (Atec Lifting Device). The lift rotates the vessel to bring it into an ergonomic loading position. A funnel is placed on the vessel and stoppers are loaded from bags into the vessel. If loading stoppers through a clean room wall, a port system is […]
We specialize in sterile filling operations, developing and manufacturing both formulation vessels and applications systems. Various construction forms make it possible to achieve a filling volume of 10m³. The systems include mobile or fixed formulation vessels with different media connections for WFI, medication, air, etc. Thus the medication can be formulated and filled into different […]
As well as CIP/SIP systems being installed on our filling lines and fully integrated, Atec’s portable and fixed CIP/SIP stations allow for easy cleaning of containers (washing, sterilising, drying). Detergent is dosed into the CIP/SIP storage tank and then pumped into the container using a piston pump. Liquid is then continuously circulated through the container […]
In the world of pharma, biopharma, manufacturing the formulation and handling of liquids, powders and media is critical. Highest quality vessels, pumps, piping and components are of the utmost importance for longevity, quality and cleanliness.
Many years of experience provide a solid basis for the development and production of automated cleaning systems that are designed and manufactured in accordance with the highest standards and requirements of the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry. GMP cleaning for all types of equipment. Autoclaves for all applications of sterilization. For parts and equipment that can […]