The requirements for flexibility and efficiency in pharmaceutical, nutritional, and chemical production are increasing rapidly. Fette Compacting is a world leader in this field. We offer integrated solutions for the entire production process. Tablet presses, tableting tools, ancillary equipment and process equipment in a variety of outputs and specifications. The range includes FE series, i […]
Whether it be for aesthetic reasons or for improving processes further downstream, tablet dedusting is an essential part modern tablet manufacturer. With the Pharma Technology’s iSeries range of tablet dedusters, there is a machine to perfectly fit your tablet production needs. Pharmaceutical Tablet Deduster Range The Pharmacetical range of Tablet Dedusters are deisgn and build […]
Diverter – EPS Euro Pallet Systems The “EPS”, short for Euro Pallet System, enables product distribution into different drums/containers according to tablet press counter pre-set produced quantity, volumetric sensor, or weighing.Key benefits Extends manufacturing time without supervision Reduces manual operation in the production room Improves factory efficiency Avoids operator’s contact with the APIs The distributor […]
The “DT” 4 parameters tester is a new generation of automatic tablet testing system for integrated process control (IPC). Intended for use as a stand-alone equipment with its own HMI or in combination with an upward conveying tablet deduster, the module offers premium analysis capabilities in testing tablets weight, thickness, hardness and length/diameter.Key benefits Extremely […]
iSort with iLift The iSort, combined with the iLift elevator, is the perfect solution to improve the packaging line efficiency by sorting broken, twins or capped tablets before entering the feeding system.Key benefits Sort broken, twins and capped tablets Excellent sorting capabilities even for oblong products Highly precise and automatic sorting adjustment Increased blister line […]
Automatic vertical thermoform, fill & seal machine to produce unit-doses in plastic thermoformable materials for liquid and semi-liquid products. Products include suppositories, single use ophthalmic, single serve applications for sauces and other condiments.
Highly active ingredients require particularly safe production processes. The use of containment and WiP (wash-in-place) systems ensures the health of the operators. Product changes can be carried out much faster thanks to WiP. Equipping a WiP machine with a containment package opens up completely new possibilities for processing highly active granules. For liquid manufacturing lines […]
The production of Nutraceutical Supplements varies in size, shape colour and flavours and is the most diverse of area of tablet manufacture. Be it Supplements, Vitamins or Confectionary there is one key factor above all the rest: “The production of these products must be efficient in order to meet the demands of the growing nutrition […]