The production of Nutraceutical Supplements varies in size, shape colour and flavours and is the most diverse of area of tablet manufacture. Be it Supplements, Vitamins or Confectionary there is one key factor above all the rest:

“The production of these products must be efficient in order to meet the demands of the growing nutrition market”

Generally, the market requires large volumes, flexibility, accuracy and efficiency. Fette have taken their expertise in the Pharmaceutical Market and tailored their offering to suit the high demands of the vitamins, supplements and confectionary market. Understanding the unique challenges that appear with handling natural substance, hydroscopic compounds, sticky blends amongst others and offering the right machine to meet these requirements be it:

  • Fe Series for maximum performance
  • i-Series for flexibility and specialist productivity
  • P-Series for combination of efficiency, quality and cost orientation

As the industry grows the demands on technology and regulation are increasing throughout the sector and Fette who are at the fore front of tablet compression technology are in the ideal position to help keep pace with these increasing demands. Whilst supplying tried and tested technology with the highest level of efficiency, reliability and flexibility.

All Fette presses are designed to have easily removable turret for quick change over between format sizes and reduce overall cleaning time. The feed systems are all designed to allow for easy adjustment and flexibility on an extremely diverse range of products. All of these are combined with a range of machines to meet the needs of batch size and output driven by your specific market sector.

P2020 – Nutraceutical Machine