Whether it be for aesthetic reasons or for improving processes further downstream, tablet dedusting is an essential part modern tablet manufacturer.

With the Pharma Technology’s iSeries range of tablet dedusters, there is a machine to perfectly fit your tablet production needs.

Pharmaceutical Tablet Deduster Range

The Pharmacetical range of Tablet Dedusters are deisgn and build to suit the needs of the modern state tablet manufacturing enviroment.

Pharma Technology can offer two styles of spiral within the iSeries range, the PFC – segmented Polymer range and the PTC – segmented stainless-steel range.  

Both ranges can be fully integrated with metal checkers, be it from CEIA, Lock or Safeline with the control panel software for the metal checker being emulated on the tablet deduster control panel. Giving the operator one single fully integrated HMI for the Combi unit.

The iSeries Tablet Dedusters range is available in various heights to suit the specific requirement of the Tablet Press and the container that the Tablet Deduster is feeding. Our team can work with you to produce a layout that suits your specific needs.

With the growing need for higher levels of containment in the current solid dose production environment, Pharma Technology has also developed options for three levels of containment

The “DT” or Dust Tight Tablet Deduster

Designed to be used upto high end OEB2 (normal production environment)

Key benefits of the Dust Tight Tablet Deduster

  • Dust Tight Concept
  • Modular assembly for easy of handling and cleaning by the operator
  • 360°Viewing of product in process
  • FDA Approved materials
  • Extremely compact footprint
  • Standard patented dust tight concept without the need for tri-clamp collars
  • Flexible orientation of unit through design on the same unit
  • Easily upgradeable to both Containment and High containment Tablet Deduster

The “C” or Containment Tablet Deduster

Designed to operate in the OEB3 range (for toxic products)  

Key benefits  of the Containment Deduster

  • Proven OEB 3 concept for toxic products
  • In built continuous pressure monitoring and alarms
  • Fail safe security valve to avoid contamination of area or operators in case of emergency
  • Manual metals check test sample insertion to avoid break in containment
  • Easily upgradeable to High Containment Deduster

The “HC” or High Containment Tablet Deduster

Designed to operate upto the high end of OEB5 (toxic WOL system)

Key benefits of the High Containment Tablet Deduster

  • An overall proven OEB5 high containment concept including connectivity to up and downstream equipment
  • Seals integrated within the machine components
  • Pressure decay system to check for leaks after assembly and prior to production start-up
  • Continuous in process pressure monitoring system with alarms
  • Fail-safe valve to protect the operator and room in the case of an emergency
  • Patented Clip and Cut, high containment (OEB5) sampling system
  • Continuous automated checking of metal detection with patented Auto-check system avoiding need to break containment to test
  • WIP (Wash in Place)/WOL (Wash Off Line) station
  • HEPA Filter on the air infeed

Other options available on the Pharmaceutical Tablet Dedusting Machines

All machines are available with full sets of documentation including operating and maintenance manuals, IQ/OQ packages and Materials of Construction certification.

In addition, the units can be designed with 2-way, 4-way and 7-way diverting system to fill into multiple containers without the need for the operator to constantly change these containers over.

Quarantine and infeed buffer can be quoted as option if required all controlled from the Tablet Deduster control panel and also integrated In-Process 4 parameter Tablet Testers can be integrated in the system if required.  

Nutraceutical Range

Often the needs of the Vitamins and the Nutraceutical industries differ from those of the Pharma industry and as such Pharma Technology have developed a range of tablet dedusters specifically for these customer, to find out more about this range please do not hesitate to contact us.