We supply the best in class machinery solutions from the market leaders including:

All areas of machinery for manufacturing both sterile and non sterile products are covered. Providing you with the expertise in manufacturing solutions for all levels.

Variosys integrated filling line



Provide a wide range of specialized services aimed at ensuring system reliability and productivity. Liquid, Lyo or loose powder applications offering the latest for Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Diagnostic and Cell & Gene Therapies. From micro dosing to 1 litre with all types of closures. Filling technologies to suit the product, closing systems checked along the way for accuracy of placement and integrity. All levels of containment can be offered for standard applications to high potency products. Labelling and assembly machinery for todays medical devices.



Efficiency for Pharma and Nutrition

The requirements for flexibility and efficiency in pharmaceutical and nutrition production are increasing rapidly. Fette Compacting is a world leader in this field. We offer integrated solutions for the entire production process. Tablet presses, capsule filling machines, tableting tools and process equipment in a variety of outputs and specifications. In addition, extensive service, training, and consulting. Having more than 5,000 installed machines Fette Compacting is known as the international market leader in the area of tablet presses. Europharma Machinery have supplied and maintained all the machines in the UK and Ireland.

FE55 Compression machine
Tablet sorting



Specialised in process equipment, for tablet and capsule manufacturing  Pharma Technology is a global leader in dedusting/polishing, metal detection, in-process control (weight, thickness, diameter, and hardness), external lubrication devices and sorting systems with different levels of containment in the pharmaceutical industry. Whether batch production or continuous manufacture. Head quartered in Belgium Pharma Technology supply to the global market with the latest equipment in their field. Unique designs giving excellent results.



Sterile processing is a specialised field and Atec Pharmatechnik GmbH are experts and market leaders in component feeding systems for pharmaceutical applications such as stopper processing, formulation systems, CIP/SIP, powder transfer and product vessels, Alpha beta ports and component transfer units. Many patented innovations exist in this area which are in place bringing aseptic processing to the highest levels.

These solutions are the perfect fit for all manufacturers of sterile processing and associated equipment.



Solution provider of leading inspection systems for the pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostic, medical device and packaging industries around the globe. With 50 years of innovation tradition, we offer our customers tailor-made solutions for container closure integrity testing (CCIT) and visual control. Lab scale to highest throughput with latest technologies.

As a pioneer in leak testing and visual inspection, we help supply quality every day. Our scientific approach drives us to new innovations and robust, long-lasting solutions so that we can deliver ever more precise and reliable measurement results with our inspection solutions.



PACKAGING AND MATERIAL DIVISION suppling solutions for single dosage forms such as suppositories, capsules and form fill seal. Unit dose formats of various shapes and sizes.

A complete package including suitable materials. This specialist form fill seal is utilized in pharma, food & beverages, household and personal care.

Covering the area of suppositories with pharma standard solutions with a variety of output possibilities.

Household products such as single serve ketchup and sauces, air fresheners, detergent units.

Coffee and beverage capsules are a specific market sector requiring accurate dosing and handling of single units with multi-layer material configurations and possibilities.

Environmentally friendly materials can be used for these applications.



Innovative packaging and automated solutions for blisters/form, fill, seal, cartoning, case packing and feeding of products.

HEINO ILSEMANN manufactures packaging machines and complete packaging lines, specializing in solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. Handling tablets, capsules, vials, syringes, ampoules etc.

During the process, we establish a partnership with our customers and, in close collaboration , develop automation solutions tailor-made to their unique packaging processes.

Our products and services include a wide range of packaging solutions, such as blister machines, cartoning machines, feeding and transport systems, film wrapping machines, case packers and palletizers.

Cartoning Solutions

Cartoning of Blisters, vials, bottles, and a wide variety of products, leaflet insertion, all types of carton types.


Reliable solutions for reliable processes

The advantage is the fast and efficient providing of unique solutions for the production of biopharmaceutical products with our own resources and partnerships. Depending on the client’s requirements, Brinox build process systems for the biopharmaceutical industry:

  • fractioning systems for blood plasma,
  • preparation, storing of nutrient media and buffers,
  • bioreactors (optionally with perfusion),
  • process vessels,
  • filtration skids,
  • chromatography skids,
  • preparation of clean media,
  • CIP skids.
Pharma and Bio processing



LITEK PHARMA designs and manufactures a complete range of products for aseptic and aseptic toxic processing.

As containment control experts, Litek design and manufacture isolators for multiple applications, together with oRABS cRABS material transfer systems, weighing and sampling laminar flow cabins and a wide range of low temperature decontamination systems with VHP, UV and eBEAM.