Containment Isolator

Litek Pharma isolators cover a wide range of containment applications whose mission is to create a safe environment for operators. Operator safety is crucial due to the toxic nature of the products handled inside. 

These isolators make it possible to handle high-potent or highly active products (HAPI), with absolute guarantee for the safety of the operators. Prepared and validated up to OEL5 (≤50ng/m3). 

Litek Pharma’s isolator family are designed according to customer needs and are part of a modular design concept of isolators that allows rapid adaptability to the needs and processes of each customer. The detail and high quality of the mechanical design and manufacture facilitates project development, from conceptual design to qualification. 

 We have solutions for: 

Safe and ergonomic weighing of high potent active powders. Prioritising operator safety. 

  • Aseptic applications, maintaining containment levels. 
  • Loading of reactors, DRUMs, aluminium containers, or filling of any other pharmaceutical format (vials with powder or sterile liquid in collaboration with filling machine manufacturers) in a safe way for the product and the operator. 
  • Preparation of hospital oncological medicines, guaranteeing the safety of both the operator and the product and its traceability. 
  • ATEX isolator designs and prepared for the highest OEL requirements. 
  • Integration of other equipment into the isolator, such as scales, solids transfer systems, micronisers, screeners, grinding discharge, etc. 
  • Integration with drying